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Complejo Foro 4, Blvd. Manuel J. Clouthier 304, 4o. Piso Oficina 472, Jardines del Campestre, León, Gto, 37125

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At Ludaria Conceptos Inmobiliarios we know how important is for you to find this special place, either for investment or as a heritage, so our priority is to guide our clients in the process of finding their ideal property. We are committed to help you find the house of your dreams, the apartment or commercial place you always wanted, making this process efficient to avoid frustrations, unnecessary visits and dubious sellers.


We have the best team, which will put at your fingertips everything you need to know about the properties and will put you in touch with professional agents who will guide you throughout the whole process. For us, it is not just goods, but people, and we really enjoy helping our clients to find the best solutions to their real estate needs. We love to provide all the means so our clients find the perfect property.


We want your buying, selling and / or renting experience to be satisfactory and to go as smooth as possible. Give us the opportunity to join and help you in your search.

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In our page you can start the search of the property that best suits your needs, likes and budget, so dreams and projects become a reality. Our catalog includes all types of properties for rent and sale, both in Mexico and abroad.

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We can help you make your relocation process (either for you or your employees) a transition with no hassles or setbacks. Our specialists can integrate rent packages specifically tailored to your needs.


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Our catalog includes all types of properties for rent and sale, both in Mexico and abroad.